Our Favorite Milky Way Photography Locations

Every Milky Way photographer has a favorite location - that particular spot that has just the right view, topography, or feel that inspires their Milky Way photos....

Airborne Astrophotography

Commercial pilot Ralf Rohner shares tips and tricks on how you can photograph the Milky Way and night sky from a jet airplane.
Group Photo at Crater Lake

Photog Adventures 2020 Milky Way Photography Workshops

Photog Adventures Milky Way Photography Workshops for 2020 are ready for registration and already selling out! Go to Utah, Oregon or Faroe...

Chase The Milky Way – Lake Thomas Edison / Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is often overlooked with it's sister park Yosemite next door. It's less populated and possible better for Milky Way Photography.

Jessica Santos @missjessbess – Artist and Milky Way Chaser Extraordinaire

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with none other than Jessica Santos, @missjessbess on Instagram. She is an incredibly talented artist and photographer, and...

Chase The Milky Way – The Sierra Nevada at Hume Lake

I have to apologize for the tardiness of this edition of "Chase The Milky Way." Things have been a little crazy the last couple of months. Road...

Chase The Milky Way – Arizona and Utah

When I first developed my "Chase The Milky Way" concept several months ago, I did not know where it would take me. Even though I had several...
35mm Pano of the Milky Way Rising over the Sangre De Cristo Mountain. 2019 Copyright MaryBeth Kiczenski.

Rocky Mountain High – Milky Way Around Denver, CO

Before I went to work at the Denver Auto Show, I had secretly hoped to get booked for the New Mexico Auto show. Last year, when...
Trona-Pinnacles - Stanley Harper

Chase The Milky Way!

IT STARTED IN NEW MEXICO On an August morning last year, I walked out of the front door of my house at about 11...

Ken Lee – Night Photography and Light Painting

I've long been a fan of night photography, particularly when it includes light painting. I was immediately drawn into the light-painted photographs of Ken Lee when I...

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IRIX Edge Light Pollution Filter

IRIX Edge Light Pollution Filter Review

The IRIX 95mm Edge Light Pollution Filter costs about USD 179.00, which is a lot of money for a specific purpose filter. (It's also available in 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm diameters.) While no filter can remove all light pollution, I wanted to see if this light pollution filter could help with my Milky Way photography.