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Airborne Astrophotography

Commercial pilot Ralf Rohner shares tips and tricks on how you can photograph the Milky Way and night sky from a jet airplane.
Group Photo at Crater Lake
Photog Adventures Milky Way Photography Workshops for 2020 are ready for registration and already selling out! Go to Utah, Oregon or Faroe Islands in these Adventure Workshops! https://soundcloud.com/user-407436417/announcing-the-2020-photography-workshops-bonus You can Listen to Aaron King describe all the Photog...
Sequoia National Park is often overlooked with it's sister park Yosemite next door. It's less populated and possible better for Milky Way Photography.
Recently, I had the chance to sit down with none other than Jessica Santos, @missjessbess on Instagram. She is an incredibly talented artist and photographer, and recently became a Sony Ambassador! It was an honor to get a chance to pick her brain.
Pentax K1
Packed with a ton of night photography-specific features, I’m here to tell you why the Pentax K-1 is truly the king of night photography cameras. I’m writing this piece in response to B&H Photo Video’s video published March 2019 titled, “Night Photography Series: The...
Hello, MWP fans! Welcome back to another bag giveaway sponsored by us, and the good folks over at MindShift. Over the last couple of months in conjunction with the "Chase The Milky Way" series by Milky Way Photographers writer Stanley Harper, we have...
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Charging cameras in the field can sometimes be a challenge. Copyright 2019 Kirk D. Keyes
Written by Kirk Keyes, Rhonda Pierce, Aaron Martinez, Stanley Harper, and MaryBeth Kiczenski. We at MilkyWayPhotographer.com were chatting the other day, and someone suggested that perhaps nightscape and Milky Way photographers tend to be on the introvert side of personality types. Well, that quickly...
I have to apologize for the tardiness of this edition of "Chase The Milky Way." Things have been a little crazy the last couple of months. Road trips, holidays, and schools. Yeah, Me. Anyway, the latest trip is in the bag, and I am looking forward to...
July has been a busy month for all of us, and it's taken a little bit of time, but we are happy to announce the second winner in our "Chase The Milky Way" Bag Giveaway sponsored by MindShift. "Chase The Milky Way" was a...