Milky Way Photography in Bandon, Oregon over the Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint delivers successfully two years in a row! The challenge this year on the beaches of Bandon was that the tide was not out as far as it was last year despite being near New Moon. So we had more water between us and the Sea Stacks. But the Milky Way lined up over them as promised by Photo Pills and I have a time-lapse to show the entire evening of Milky Way Movement!

Today’s Guests

Claudia Halbert
Kirk Keyes

Need More Sleep!

Having arrived that morning flying in to Portland and then driving the 5-hours to Bandon, I was flat-out exhausted! Not to mention I have been out 11 nights in a row doing Milky Way Photography for the #TheGreatMilkyWayChase. I was staying up to finish photo edits, Instagram posting, and not getting more than a few hours of sleep every night. So after the sunset we crashed in the car at Facerock Viewpoint to wait for 1am when the Milky Way would start to move away from the light pollution of the coast and be out over the water.

Wear the Right Kind of Shoes at Face Rock

Being so exhausted I decided against wearing my NRS Boundary Socks and Keens and went down the steps to the beach with my favorite Skechers that people have been making fun of me for wearing on all my Photog Adventures 😀 and calling them slippers. This turned out to be a fatal error as a far-reaching wave crashed suddenly MUCH further than the previous one while I was working on my shot and drenched my shoes and legs up to my knees almost! The favorite Skechers were drenched and remained soaked for days!

You really miss the dry desert air of Utah when you have soggy shoes that never dry in the humidity of Oregon…

Next Episode:

Night 13 we get creative trying out a location next to Thor’s Well that has a blast of water called the Spouting Horn in Cook’s Chasm that could align well with an early morning Milky Way!

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