This video is our introduction for for our YouTube audience. Watch it and see how you can get credit for your Milky Way Photography Achievements!

Here are All the Achievements:

Milky Way Photography Achievements
  • An achievement for capturing the Milky Way in ANY MONTH of the Year. Whether or NOT the Milky Way Galactic Core is Visible.
    • Additional achievements for hitting ALL Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and an entire Year of Milky Way.
  • All Foreground Achievements require a Milky Way in a single image over something like a source of Water, a Desert scene a chasm like Horseshoe bend etc.
    • Rocky
    • Water
    • Trees
    • Desert
    • Mountains
    • Manmade
    • Chasm
    • Light Polluted
    • Plantlife, flowers etc. must be FEATURED not just in the image
    • Reflected Milky Way in water, window, iPhone etc.
    • Selfie/Human silhouette
    • Abandoned structure of some sort
    • Light Painted foreground could be anything
  • Creating a Milky Way Timelapse
  • A Timelapse that MOVES on a slider or Syrp Genie
  • A PANORAMA Milky Way
  • A STACKED Milky Way
  • A TRACKED Milky Way using a Star Tracker
  • A TIME BLENDED Milky Way where you might use the blue hour to show off your foreground

And many more to come!

We will make QUESTS that are time sensitive – for instance, capturing the Milky Way when a Comet is visible like we had back in December with Comet 47p Wirtanen.

How to EARN your achievement:

First, post your image into a GALLERY in your User Account. Then send an email or PM to let him know that you have it ready to go.

Then, when you go to our User Account, you can message something like, “Hey please check out my image X and see if it counts for Achievement X.”

If it passes our very high-tech vetting system of looking at it matches, then you get the achievement!

What about the Stickers?

These are still being made.

As soon as they are final, we will get the stickers out to StickerMule, and then we can start sending them off to those who have earned them!

Which achievements GET stickers?

ALL OF THEM! Yeah. It will cost me a small fortune if the site gets popular enough but why not? These are really cool. I think a few hundred dollars is worth it to make it fun for you guys to jump in with us and earn your Master Milky Way Rank!

If you feel bad for the cost, please don’t! It is fun for me too! We are excited to do this!

If you STILL feel bad, join us as a Patron over at or toss a donation to us through our PayPal donation link in the sidebar or here:

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Thank you so much for joining us here at!

If you ever need help with the site, please contact or me at!

Have fun and don’t miss this month’s Milky Way!



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