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    Kirk Keyes
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    I’m curious – how many people here are fans of Star Trek?
    I was born 3 years before the original series came out. And my parents named me “Kirk”. So I guess I was fated into becoming as Star Trek fan.
    While I’m certain my parents never let me watch the original broadcasts, Portland was the first cities to play reruns of Star Trek around 1970. It was a staple of my childhood. My after school hours on weekdays from 5-6PM were glued to the TV watching it. I’ve probably seen each ST:TOS episode more than 25 times. Much more…
    When ST: Next Generation came out, I gave it a try. Picard was good, Riker not so good. Tasha Yar seemed like an interesting character. Q seemed like an opponent that was not that interesting to me – too godlike. So I quit watching about half way through the first season. Then a couple years later, I gave it a try and finished out the run. I was disappointed when Tasha was killed off right after I started up watching it again.! Next Gen had lots of the things I liked about Star Trek, but it seemed like a kinder, gentler version of the original show.
    I lost interest in Voyager, Deeps Space Nine was OK. I know I was going against public opinion, but I liked Enterprise. Maybe it was Scott Bakula.
    I’ve seen all the movies, and STII: The Wrath of Kahn is my all time favorite. The newer JJ Abrams reboot is fun as well, but their version of Kahn was definitely not as good as the original.
    And the new Star Trek: Discovery – I’m really enjoying it! I seems more like a return to the feel of STTOS. I’m hoping it goes for several years!
    Well, I figured there has to be another Trek fan out there…

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    Guilty. I too am a Star Trek fan. I liked Voyager for a while as well but DS9 never got my interest. Scott Bakula will always be Quantum Leap to me so having him in Enterprise felt strangely weird. I’ve seen all the TOS episodes at least 3 times, some a lot more. I too was born in that era, shortly before the last season ended. As for Next Generation, Riker was just creepy.

    Kirk Keyes
    • October Milky Way | 2018 Icon

    Yes, finally someone that agrees with my about Riker! Creepy is a good word for it! I agree about Scott Bacula and Quantum Leap. He was so good in that show. The thing about that show for me was seeing Dean Stockwell and always thinking of his character Ben in Blue Velvet. Or Doctor Yueh in Dune. Well, give Discovery a try, I really like it!

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