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    Hi Guys. So I got out for my first ever Astro session a few nights ago. I used my Star Adventurer to track Orion and the running man for 2hrs 6mins of 1 minute subs. The pics on my DSLR LCD looked promising with good stars and nice colour in the nebulae. I took flats, darks and bias, stacked it all in deep sky stacker, then used GIMP to process. No matter what I try I cannot get any of the colour I saw in my subs to show. Why?
    The gear I have is far from perfect but is my “beginners bundle”:
    Canon 700d unmoded (crop sensor)
    Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 @ 200mm f2.8

    Anyone got advice for a starting point?

    Kirk Keyes
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    Hey Hijynx – I’m not sure what’s up. Can you link to the photo?

    Dean Vinson
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    Your gear and imaging session sound perfect. Without seeing the image I’m not sure what the issue is. You should be able to pull MORE color and detail out of your stacked image.

    Not sure if it’s apart of the problem or not but I always avoid removing color noise before processing. I also avoid anything that reduces the purples in the image since that will be a big part of Orion. Maybe some kind of purple fringing reduction is muting the colors? I’m just taking a shot in the dark, at this point, until I see the image.


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    Hi guys. Sorry for the delay. I have had cloudy skies for months and had forgotten about this. I uploaded a raw pick and my attempted post-process using GIMP into my photo gallery. Hopefully you can go there for a look. The total stack used was over 2 hrs of 60 sec subs, with darks, bias etc. Please don’t take any notice of the many many issues in the pics. I cant polar align where I am and am learning everything from scratch (never used a DSLR). I was just trying to get some data to start learning about processing. So there are heaps of points I can improve I am sure but I though I did ok for my first try at any part of the art of astro.

    Ralf Rohner

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    If you still have issues, check this: http://www.budgetastro.net/deep-sky-stacker.html

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