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    John Henry Maurice

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    Before I share what I have purchased, let me give you some history.

    Many, many years ago, I was hoping to become a landscape photographer. I got a degree in accounting instead.

    Then, a few years ago, I decided to get back into my dream. I purchased used a Fuji x100 from a friend. This was a good camera for me the controls are “retro”. very similar to my old Nikon F2. One issue I have with this camera is that does not have interchangeable lenses so I could not use it with my telescopes. Therefore, I purchased a Canon T6. It came with two lens but soon I purchased a Rokinon 14mm for landscape astrophotography and now I have a 17-40 mm and a 85mm prime.

    That was three years ago. Now it is time to move up to a full frame camera.

    I was not interested in changing brands. I do not make my living from photography; I am a hobbyist. As such, I am happy with staying in the Canon realm. I do not want to sell me current gear.

    I took inventory of what I want and do not want out of my new camera.

    What I want:
    – Full Frame (take advantage of my 14mm)
    – Adjustable read LCD screen (the ability to twist the LCD for easy viewing)
    – compatibility with my current lenses (both EF and EF-S)
    – small size (I do hike up mountains)

    What I do not care about:
    – Video (perhaps someday, but not today)
    – Dual Card Slots (I treat my cards with care)

    Base upon the above, I decided to purchase the new Canon EOS RP. From what I have read, it meets my needs perfectly.

    It arrives on Monday.

    Kirk Keyes
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    Hi John – that’s exciting! Not only a new camera, but getting to move up to full frame! I’m looking forward to seeing some shots from it.

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    Very Exciting, looks like a very capable camera. Can’t wait to see some images.

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