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    Marybeth Kiczenski
    Photog Adventures Team
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    Hey all!
    I’m channeling my inner millennial here with the use of acronyms. This one being – FOMO – or “Fear of missing out”. Of course, this is used in conjunction with going out and partying, but for me its been the lack of milky way and/or aurora adventures. Ya know, due to that work thing. The thing that allow such adventures. But I can’t help but get these crazy feelings of – man I wish I could be there! LOL! Tried to deal with it the best I could by switching to doing some cityscapes. It’s just not the same to someone crazily obsessed with this type of photography. then last week, the Aurora was out for THREE DAYS in a row in the upper peninsula. Three days, and two days of clear skies! That rarely happens. So of course, again… sidelined. haha! It always seems that when something exciting happens, it goes up without a hitch when you cannot be there. And when you actually have time off – nothing. I guess all the yammering here is to ask if anyone else feels this way and how do you deal with it. I know the sky will always be there, and the aurora will come out again. But it doesn’t help feeling that FOMO!

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    I hear you, I caught the bug in 2015 and can count the number of times i have been out on 1 hand. Work is crazy and I have 2 young children. I have been living vicariously through the photog guys for years now…..Hopefully as my boys grown i can drag them along with me…….

    Kirk Keyes
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    Its definitely tough. We all have obligations, and often not much time or energy left after working on those responsibilities. I rarely get clear skies here in the winter and when we do, it’s usually windy. After a day at work, even when it’s clear, it’s hard to talk myself into getting out.
    Actually, I’ve been getting out more in the last two years than I did in the previous 10. Now my daughter is nearly a teen, that’s helped a lot. And hanging out with the Photog Adventures guys has been a major influence. I was lucky enough to spend over two weeks out shooting with them last year.
    I find having friends that share my love of shooting helps a lot too! There’s a group of PDX Photog Adventurers here and we get out several times a year too.
    I feel your pain Marybeth, but you know what, every time a see you posting a new photo, I’m a little envious of all the time that you do get out. And you know what, I’ve not seen the Aurora since 1975, in Spokane, Washington at the World’s Fair. I was 13 and I’m envious of all the Aurora shots you all in the midwest get!

    Tom Atkinson

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    I too go though this, between work, family and weather conditions it gets tough to get out to shoot the night skies. One of the things that I do is to pre-plan some locations that I would like to shoot. I like shooting landscape photo’s as well as milky way photo’s. I like to go out and explore for new places. So when I find a place of interest I will make some notes and take some basic snap shots with GPS coordinates so I can load those GPS coordinates into Google Earth. Next I use Stellarium to find out how the milky way will rise in the sky in that area. Once I have some compass bearings from Stellarium I use the line tool in google earth to draw heading lines for each of the various milky way positions in the sky. So by having some sort of a plan in place helps me to be able to maximize the times or the last minute opportunity that I get to go out and shoot the night skies.

    Marybeth Kiczenski
    Photog Adventures Team
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    Thanks for your stories! 🙂
    It does help! haha!

    And Kirk… its funny.. I used to despise living here, until discovering that its pretty easy to see the lights when there’s a G1 level storm. Something I wish I knew a long time ago, now. Sure it’s still 6 hrs to get to Lake Superior, but that can be done in a day! I no longer despise the midwest. 😉

    Kirk Keyes
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    Hi Marybeth –
    I can imagine being in the Midwest can seem like a bummer, especially compared to the Western States. That’s certainly the way it’s portrayed on TV. But, at least near the Great Lakes, there’s so much cool stuff – the UP of Michigan, and cliffs of Lake Superior… OK, I’ve seen some mega algae blooms growing in Lake Erie photos from space, but all the stuff around Lake Superior seems amazing! Your native state has some awesome things there! And I was looking at shots of the Dakotas with the granite mountains and the badlands – so much cool stuff! OK – Nebraska, not much going on in Nebraska. But, we all just need to look closely at where we are an appreciate what’s there.

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