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    The first night of our Washington Coast adventure started with arriving 10 minutes before sunset. I was out of the car with the camera bag as soon as the wheels stopped turning and headed for the beach. The steps down to the beach were wide and deep (about 2.5 feet tall in some places), ending in a pile of driftwood. The arthritus complained but didn’t stop me and I ended up with an okay image with a rivulet winding across the beach and leading into the sunset. Before heading up the trail and again on the trail Photopills helped find potential compositions for Milky Way. After dinner, we headed back to the trail and found the Milky Way was not quite where I’d expected (guess I need to finish that PhotoPills class, Aaron). The composition we found was on a relatively steep part of the trail and the tripod fell over halfway through a pano. (Fortunately, the L-bracket is what hit the ground.) Tried again – and got interrupted by folks heading to a “cool tree” on the beach. When the tripod tumbled the second time I’d had enough, so we ended up in the parking lot, where we got the best shot of the night.


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