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2020 Shoot and Share Contest – My Experience

Awhile back, I authored a piece about photography contests. I discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly of such events. I wrote about...

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Memory Cards: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Hello, Milky Way Photographer readers! Today's Tuesday Tip of the Week is brought to us by MWP Staff Writer Stanley Harper. Enjoy! When I...

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What’s In My Camera Bag #1 – Milky Way Photographers Edition

Photography is a personal pursuit. Over time, every photographer assembles a kit that suits their style of photography. "What's in my camera bag," is...

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Switching Camera Brands

Editors Note: While our primary goal at MilkyWayPhotographers is night and Milky Way photography, we occasionally expand our scope to include less obviously connected...

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Milky Way Photography Safety and Security Tips

Milky Way photography, the boondocks, and weird hours go hand in hand. There are thousands of discussions and articles that cover techniques and post-processing....

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