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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/Gorgeous Night – June 2019
Gorgeous Night – June 2019
Gorgeous Night – June 2019

The Ruinaulta or Rhine Gorge is sometimes ironically called the Swiss Grand Canyon. Of course it is not nearly as deep nor as large as the real Grand Canyon, but with a depth of 400m it still is a rather impressive sight.

There is a small viewing platform above the most scenic part of the gorge that has been on my bucket list for nightscspes for a while.

After hiking in and overcoming my vertigo, I was a bit disappointed that the planned time lapse movie proved to be impossible, as the widest lens of my APS-C ‘time lapse’ camera was only able to encompass the canyon far below or the starry sky above, but not both in a single frame.

I therefore concentrated on capturing my nightscapes and was pleasantly surprised that light pollution was not as strong as expected. On the other hand, the level of green airglow was higher than anything I have witnessed in Switzerland before.

Although the airglow drowns some of the more subtle colors in the sky, I like the result, because the greenish sky nicely matches the lush green landscape below.

Prints available: ralf-rohner.pixels.com

Canon EOS 6D astro modified
Tamron 15-30mm f2.8
iOptron SkyTracker Pro

Stack of 5 x 60s @ISO1600
Stack of 3 x 240s @ISO1600

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