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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/Colors of a Summer Night – Summer
Colors of a Summer Night – Summer
Colors of a Summer Night – Summer

During this beautiful night at one one of my favorite lakes in Oregon, I was planning a close-up with the Milky Way seemingly erupting from the volcanic peak in the middle, but when I saw the lights of the campground on the left reflecting in the water and the scenic tree on the right, I immediately knew I had to change plans and shoot a really wide panorama. The light from my own cabin on the far right came as a nice addition.

Another advantage of the wider view is that it shows the incredible colors of the summer sky with red and green airglow, the colorful Rho Ophichui region, the red nebulosity around Zeta Ophichui and some yellow light pollution on the far right.

The reflection of the Milky Way, bright Mars on the left, Antares in the middle and Jupiter on the right came as a surprise. Although the water was far from smooth, the long exposure made the water silky enough to render the reflections visible.

Prints available: ralf-rohner.pixels.com

Canon EOS 6D astro modified
Samyang 24mm f/1.4
iOptron SkyTracker Pro
Low Level Lighting

5 panels, each a stack of 5 x 40s @ISO1600 f/2, tracked
4 panels, each a stack of 4 x 60s @ISO1600 f/2

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