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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/Million Star Hotel – Selfie Foreground
Million Star Hotel – Selfie Foreground
Million Star Hotel – Selfie Foreground

Monday night I spent a night camping in the Swiss Alps.

When I arraved at 6 p.m. at my remote campsite, the sky was covered with thick clouds that also blocked the view of the mountains around me.

I did not believe that there was the slightest chance to capture the Milky Way images I came for and prepared for a calm night in my cozy tent, but it was not to be.

Right at sunset the clouds miraculously parted and within an hour it was completely clear. I couldn’t believe my luck and happily started shooting the glorious scene. It was a very short 3 hours I finally spent in my tent, but I am not complaining…

Unfortunately I had no time to process the new images so far. Instead I am posting an image I took in March, that perfectly transports the mood I felt during my Monday night in the Million Star Hotel…

– Astro-modified Canon EOS 6D
– Samyang 24mmf/1.4
– iOptron Skytracker

– 4 x 60s @ ISO800
– stacked with PS

– 9 x 60s @ ISO800 tarcked
– stacked with Fitswork4

Thanks for all your faves and comments.

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