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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/The Milky Way Hoax – Winter
The Milky Way Hoax – Winter
The Milky Way Hoax – Winter

This might come as a shock for you, but contrary to what you are commonly told by astronomers, the reappearance of the galactic core in early spring has nothing to do with the relative position of Earth versus the Sun and the galactic center.

In reality, the whole galaxtic band is shot into space with an alien technology plasma gun.

After extensive research, I found that this plasma gun is disguised as a snow cannon and operated in an unsuspicious place in the high mountains of the Swiss Alps.

This February, I took the risk to stealthily approach the “galactic gun” in the middle of the night. The hike was very sternuous, but my mission was successful. I reached the gun unnoticed and was able to capture an image that proves the disturbing truth beyond doubt.

I wish you all a happy 1th April and do not let yourself be hoaxed.

Canon EOS 6D astro modified
Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art @ f/2
iOptron SkyTracker Pro
26 panel panorama

13 x stack of 3 tracked exposures, each 15s @ ISO1600
13 x stack of 3 exposures, each 30s @ ISO1600

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