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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/River of Stars – Chasm Foreground
River of Stars – Chasm Foreground
River of Stars – Chasm Foreground

I took this image during the 5th night of my night photography trip to the southwest in May 2017. I was planning to stay at White Pocket, but I caught a flat tire on the dirt road leading in. After changing the wheel, I headed back to Kanab to have the tire repaired. The final delay was more than 4 hours and I realized that I was not able to make it to White Pocket before nightfall anymore.

I therefore needed a plan B and drove to Gran Canyon North Rim. After miraculously getting a cabin in the North Rim Lodge and having my first shower in 5 days, I headed to Angels Window.

The sky was absolutely clear and there was a strong airglow, but also a crazy wind, almost blowing me and my equipment off the cliff. I doubted to be able to get sharp images with my tracker under such conditions and therefore opted for untracked shots.

Gran Canyon is one of the darkest places I have ever seen and while capuring this panorama, I felt like floating between the starry sky and the dark and bottomless abyss below me. To be able record any features of the canyon, I had to push my camera to ist limits.

Canon EOS 6D, astro modified
Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART
12 panel panorama, each a stack of 3 x 60s @ ISO6400
12 panel panorama, each a single exposure of 10s @ ISO6400

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