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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/The Portal – Reflection Foreground
The Portal – Reflection Foreground
The Portal – Reflection Foreground

Ready to take a plunge into a parallel universe?

This is Cresta Lake in Switzerland. During this extremely calm night, the lake was forming a flawless mirror.

Time to finally try a technique, I have been waiting to test for several months: tracking a reflection.

I have been thinking about this for a while and discussed it with some of my photographer friends. Most of them told me to forget it, as they considered it way too complicated to achieve and because a reflection would never be perfect enough for tracking to make a difference.

Dispite this advice, the thought kept lingering in the back of my head. Wouldn’t it be cool…

In early spring I discussed the problem with a german photographer and he gave me the decisive input that enables me to mirror the tracker without loosing alignment.

Now I just needed this elusive perfect reflection. 5 months later, after crisscrossing through Switzerland in an effort to find reasonably clear skies, I found it at this beautiful mountain lake.

– Canon EOS 6D, astro modofied
– Samyang 24mm f/1.4
– iOptron Skytracker Pro

6 x 20s @ ISO6400 f/2.0, tracked
4 x 30s @ ISO6400 f/1.4
4 x 30s @ ISO6400 f/1.4, tracked (!)

Thanks for all your comments.

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