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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/Bryce Panorama – Canyon Walls Foreground
Bryce Panorama – Canyon Walls Foreground
Bryce Panorama – Canyon Walls Foreground

After finishing my panorama from Inspiration Point, I headed down to Sunset Point to capture a few more Milky Way nightscapes.

I met three Japanese Ladies that were lighting the hoodos with their flashlights from behind their cameras and when I asked if I could show them a better way to lighten the foreground, they immediately agreed. I quickly set up two low level lights, but, as it was a very quick job from a spot that I did not scout in the afternoon, it was nothing to write home about. Nevertheless they were quite happy with the result, or maybe they were just polite…

When they left, I headed down the trail to see if my planned composition was still possible, but the Milky Way core had already moved too far to the right.

After quickly checking my options, I decided to shoot a panorama from this spot, where the trail nicely complemented the Milky Way arching over the sky.

After setting up the lighting, I had to hurry to finish shooting, before the core settled behind the rocks on the right. I therefore settled for an untracked panorama with an (for me) unusually high ISO.

Thanks to my panning base with built-in click stops, I was able to work very fast and finished this 12 panel panorama with a stack of 6 images per panel in less than 15 minutes.

Processing it took quite a bit longer though…

Canon EOS 6D, astro modified
Samyang 24mm f/1.4
Novoflex VR-PRO ll
Low Level Lighting

12 panel panorama, each panel a stack of 6 x 10s @ ISO6400

Prints available:

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