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Ralf Rohner's gallery/Nightscapes/The Universe on a Wing – Spring
The Universe on a Wing – Spring
The Universe on a Wing – Spring

Time for another Bisti shot…

I took this image during my visit in April. The night was perfectly clear, but very windy and a strong gust tipped over the tripod with my LED light and it dropped into the ravine behind the wing, I was glad that I was able to retrieve it in one piece.

Astro-modified Canon EOS 6D
Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8
Low Level Lighting with 2 LED panels and one omnidirectional light.
Fixed Tripod

10 x 20s @ ISO6400

Individually stacked with fitswork for the sky and PS for the foreground.

Thanks for all your faves and comments.

Prints available:

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