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Anatomy of an Image – Mackinac Bridge and Comet NEOWISE

Deepscape astrophotography is quite polarizing. You are attempting to record a scene in which your eye cannot, or barely can, see. As a result,...

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The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go – A Road Trip to the West

March 13th, 2020– Friday the 13th. I'll remember that day forever - I was working at the Minneapolis Auto Show. We were about...

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Learning to Love the Moon

Quarantine took a toll on virtually every human being on Earth. We went from traveling all across the world to confined to our...

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Traction Addicts! Is Four-Wheel Drive in Your Photography Future?

A Short Guide on the Basics of 4WD and AWD for Photographers. This article was first published on 2019/02/19, but since we're deep in...

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The 2019 Labor Day Aurora Chase

It is no secret that I love the Aurora. Ever since that one fateful night in July of 2018, when I first saw them...

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