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DSC_0585 Panorama FULL ARC fb
DSC_0585 Panorama FULL ARC fb

Full Milky Way Arch at the Ucanca Valley / Caldera de Las Cañadas / Tenerife 2020

Alright, this is a panorama of 130 single images taken at August 12th – this years peak of the Perseids Meteor Shower. I was very much impressed by that spot where I spent a few nights in a row – Llano de Ucanca – the Ucanca Valley in the south of the Caldera de las Cañadas – also known as the Teide National Park.

While I was working on a long-term Meteor Shower Photo for several nights (and I am still working on that Image at home…) I was also able to work on a few more complex Panorama Images with my second astromod Camera. What a great way to spent some nights 🙂

To discover all the fascinsting geological things of that complex volcanic landscape which is based on multiple phases of eruption and collapse is pure pleasure – especially with an Image Resolution of 30.000px width. . It’s a huge caldera on an altitude of minimum 2000m. On the left side – the north – you can spot the mighty Pico del Teide followed by the Roques de Garcia with the rising Andromeda Galaxy towards the center and the southern rim on the right side – a 500m high amphitheater-like wall – illuminated by the constant stream of cars on the road TF-21. To see so much stargazing photographers and families coming up to enjoy this magical event was a very unfamiliar but beautiful and heartwarming feeling – eventhough these lights made my secret photographs life very hard.

Panorama / Blend
Nikon D800a + Nikon AF-S 50mm
130 Frames
FG: ISO 2000 – f/2.8 – 30s
Sky: ISO 4000 – f/2 – 10s

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