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    • Hi guys. Sorry for the delay. I have had cloudy skies for months and had forgotten about this. I uploaded a raw pick and my attempted post-process using GIMP into my photo gallery. Hopefully you can go there for a look. The total stack used was over 2 hrs of 60 sec subs, with darks, bias etc. Please don’t take any notice of the many many…Read More

    • Hi Guys. So I got out for my first ever Astro session a few nights ago. I used my Star Adventurer to track Orion and the running man for 2hrs 6mins of 1 minute subs. The pics on my DSLR LCD looked promising with good stars and nice colour in the nebulae. I took flats, darks and bias, stacked it all in deep sky stacker, then used GIMP to process.…Read More

    • Hijynx replied to the topic where will you be? in the forum Milky Way 2 months, 3 weeks ago

      I have no idea where to go. I am in Far Northern Australia so guess I will have plenty of choices. I have never chased the core but just want to get out and get some data to try editing!

    • Yeah I would imagine you have a bit of gear. You are fully into this (obviously) where is I am starting out. This tripod was always going to be a compromise as I am using it for everything. I steered toward this aluminium for a few reasons (right or wrong). Firstly the height. Also, I have read in many places that Al is more rigid and the weight…Read More

    • Thanks for all of your advice. I have bought a Benro Classic A3570T. It arrived today! It is an aluminium with three segments in the legs, max height with a short Center column is an awesome (for me) 173cm! Max load is 18kg. It is a little stiff to move atm but I am sure it will loosen with use. Cost was $236 (Au) with free postage which is way…Read More

    • Hijynx replied to the topic Beginner: All round tripod in the forum Equipment 3 months ago

      Thanks Kirk. I live in a part of Australia that is a long way from anywhere. Second hand anything is hard to come by. You raise an interesting point in having two separate tripods. I am getting the feeling that this will be the direction I will have to go in.

    • Awesome! Thanks guys.

    • Thanks guys. Interesting advice Dean. I have a star adventurer. I haven’t used it yet but if I managed a mediocre alignment, how long do you think my shutter speed could be using a 70mm focal length on a canon crop sensor (70mm x 1.6 = 112mm). Normally 4.5 sec. Or do I just trial and error it until star trails disappear?

    • Hijynx replied to the topic Beginner: All round tripod in the forum Equipment 3 months ago

      Thanks for the advice guys. All I really have found to guide me so far is that I need to add at least 30% to the payload I want to put on it. I have no idea yet but am guessing a S.Adventurer with 1 kg weight plus camera and lens/small telescope will be in the vicinity of 6kg??? So the tripod max load needs to be at least 8kg. However I have…Read More

    • Hijynx replied to the topic Beginner: All round tripod in the forum Equipment 3 months ago

      I don’t want to spend a crazy amount but want to do things right the first time. I guess $300-400 Aussie.

    • A really short question – I have just bought a star tracker, I live in Australia. The southern pole is obscured from my view at home. Can I polar align my tracker if I can’t see the pole?

    • It was a mix of natural stupidity and dumb luck I guess. I have spent my whole life fascinated by just about every topic to do with the sky and what is in it. I walk around with my nose to the sky in absolute awe of its beauty. I have developed insomnia by having a few small children and was up late one night just flicking through YouTube clips…Read More

    • Hi guys. I am a totally new to this. I have gathered a camera body, lens, intervalometer, external battery, massive memory card etc. i have even bought a star adventurer tracker with counter weight etc. I don’t have a tripod

      Can anyone give me advice on a tripod to get that will do both landscape astrophotography with just a camera and lens, b…Read More