UpdateWe’re extending the deadline to enter the contest until midnight Monday, July 15, 2019. Don’t miss your chance to win a MindShift BackLight Backpacks!

Thanks again to ThinkTank and MindShift for donating these BackLight Backpacks for this giveaway! We really appreciate them helping us out with this contest.

I recently completed the third trip for my “Chase The Milky Way MindShift Bag Giveaway.” My first trip was to Trona Pinnacles way back in May. I just concluded my second trip earlier this month. That trip took me to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I spent a few hours revisiting parts of my childhood and laying my eyes on new lands.

Trip #3 kept me close to home. My philosophy behind “Chase The Milky Way” was to make a road trip within a day’s drive of my house and evening the Milky Way that evening. The Arizona/Utah adventure might have been a little on the extreme side since it was over 600 miles to the first-night target location.

I spent time researching my target location only to change my mind. Several things came up that forced me to not only choose a different location but the date also. Not a big deal.

Anyway, as you know, MindShift came on board before Trip #2 and gave us four bags from their BackLight line of backpacks to giveaway. Jeff LaSante “bagged” himself the Elite 45L in the last giveaway. We still have three packs to go.

For this particular giveaway, we are going to limit the choices. The winner will have the option of either the 18L or the 26L. The 36L will be given away during August’s giveaway.

We had over 50 entries for the last giveaway, so we would like to match or exceed the number of entries.

The MindShift Bag Giveaway Rules

The MindShift Bag Giveaway rules are simple:

  • You must comment below by midnight July 15, 2019, to be eligible.
  • In your post, you must name the location that I might photograph the Milky Way in August.
  • Also, in your post, put in which bag you would like to win, either the 18L or 26L.
  • By entering, you permit us to use your name in the public announcement.
  • One entry per person.
  • One winner per giveaway.
  • No PhotogAdventures.com or MilkyWayPhotographers.com staff are eligible to enter.

Again, we can’t give enough thank-yous to ThinkTank and MindShift for donating these BackLight Backpacks for this giveaway! Make sure you visit their website and check out their awesome gear. Many of us at MilkyWayPhotographers.com use their equipment. We appreciate them helping us out with this contest.

And GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Stanley Harper


  1. Hopefully the deadline of July 1st is a typo so I am going to take a shoot. I would suggest central Texas for a location and would be interested in the BackLight 26L. Thanks

  2. McDonald Observatory. Fort Davis, TX. It is an amazing dark sky location with lots to see there. 26L

  3. Death Valley would be a great place to capture the Milky Way this August. The 26L would work nicely.

  4. Milky Way in August Would be in the Rocky Mountain just a little hint of
    Snow the peak reaching out to the stars! 26l would be great thanks.

  5. Mono Lake… or the town of Bodie if you can swing it. Might catch some of the fall colors of the eastern sierras on 395. And… if you want to experience something enchanting… Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Heck while you’re at it… hit Alabama Hills. All doable in less than a week. Enjoy… you’ll never forget it. 26L

  6. Although it may be busier this time of year, a quick cheeky trip to Glacier Point could be a great little addition to the 600 mile monster road trip you have planned. The 26L would work perfectly for my trip I’m planning down to the South Island here in little ol’ NZ!

  7. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park on the coast looks like a good spot for Milky Way photography. I think the 26L bag would do nicely to carry my gear.

  8. Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout tower in Rainier NP, WA. Because the road was closed and I couldn’t get to it myself last time I was in the states! 26L Seems a nice size!

  9. I’m going to suggest checking out Valley of the Gods, just north of the Arizona border. There are so many different spots inside there that you can compose a beautiful shot. There is some minor light pollution from Medicine Hat, but it’s such an isolated place at night. I’d love the 26L bag.

  10. Shiprock, NM would be a perfect place for your August Milky Way trip. I’d love to win the 26L.

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