Most people interested in astrophotography want to know exactly how your current camera compares with a newer camera. Matt Quinn of and his YouTube channel “Dark Skies with Matt Quinn” was curious about exactly how the Sony a7 III compared with his current camera, one that’s perhaps considered to be the king of night photography, the Canon 5d Mk IV.

So Matt went out and picked up an a7 III and headed out into the Canadian nightscape with it and his trusty 5d Mk IV. Under dark skies, and took stills and time lapses so he could compare the dynamic range and low light / high ISO performance. He then tested the a7 III to see if the much discussed “Sony Star Eater” issue is an actual problem with that camera.

A True Deep Dive

Now Matt didn’t just shoot a couple photos and post his YouTube review. He ended up making two videos to present his comparison. In Part 1 discusses his experience using both of theses cameras in the field. Then Part 2 shows his analysis and presents his conclusion about these two cameras. Part 1 is over 13 minutes long, but Part 2 is over 40 minutes! I love deep dives into subjects like this!

Matt’s reviews are the type of review that I wish more people would make. His reviews are balanced, well thought out, and presented in a easy to understand way. I highly recommend these reviews, even though I did have a minor issue or two. But they are well worth watching. I hope Matt makes more content like this. And soon!

Matt’s Links:

Astrophotography Review: Sony A7iii vs. Canon 5D mark iv – Part 1/2

Astrophotography Review: Sony A7iii vs. Canon 5D mark iv – Part 2/2

Kirk Keyes