Sunday, September 24, 2023
Monday Motivation - Royce Bair, Clarence Spencer, and Eric Benedetti - Creating Natural Lightscapes with Royce Bair

Monday Motivation – Royce Bair, Clarence Spencer, and Eric Benedetti

One of the most popular videos on Photog Adventures' YouTube Channel is “Creating Natural Nightscapes with Royce Bair & Friends.” It’s a presentation given on March 14th, 2017, featuring...
Moon Window of Opportunity | Milky Way Wednesday every week @7pm MT Milky Way Wednesday.

Monday Motivation – Moon Window of Opportunity

Basic Milky Way photography is pretty simple. Sure, some things that go into the process such as location, weather, and moon research. Overall though, once you have done it...
Alyn Wallace Screenshot

Monday Motivation – Alyn Wallace’s YouTube Channel

Every week, I am going to bring to you nuggets of Milky Way photography information that I find from around the web. These nuggets can include YouTube channels...
Dark Skies w Matt Quinn - a7III vs 5d MkIV

Astrophotography Review: Sony A7 III vs. Canon 5D Mark IV in 2 Parts

Most people interested in astrophotography want to know exactly how your current camera compares with a newer camera. Matt Quinn of and his YouTube channel "Dark Skies with...

Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint Milky Way Photography over the Ocean at Bandon, Oregon...

Milky Way Photography in Bandon, Oregon over the Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint delivers successfully two years in a row! The challenge this year on the beaches of Bandon...