Friday, September 22, 2023

Discover Your Milky Way Photography With These Techniques

Hey aspiring Milky Way photographers, how is your year going so far? I am back with the second part of our series "Milky Way Photography for Beginners." ...
Monday Motivation - Royce Bair, Clarence Spencer, and Eric Benedetti - Creating Natural Lightscapes with Royce Bair

Monday Motivation – Royce Bair, Clarence Spencer, and Eric Benedetti

One of the most popular videos on Photog Adventures' YouTube Channel is “Creating Natural Nightscapes with Royce Bair & Friends.” It’s a presentation given on March 14th, 2017, featuring...
Tips For Using Google Maps for Milky Way Photography

Google Maps Research Tips For Milky Way Photography

Conducting research is a prime task when it comes to photography. Milky Way photography and other genres require us to spend anywhere from a few minutes to a...

College of DuPage Weather Forecasting Tools

Cloud clover can destroy a Milky Way photography trip fast. I had a conversation a couple of years ago with another photographer. During that conversation, I had an...

Lumenzia Panel for Photoshop Review

There might be as many ways to post-process an image as there are camera brands on the market. One technique that has been getting popular in the last few...
Moon Window of Opportunity | Milky Way Wednesday every week @7pm MT Milky Way Wednesday.

Monday Motivation – Moon Window of Opportunity

Basic Milky Way photography is pretty simple. Sure, some things that go into the process such as location, weather, and moon research. Overall though, once you have done it...
Milky way in light pollution, Expose to the right histogram before and after

How to Capture the Milky Way in Heavy Light Pollution

How is this possible? When you think of photographing the Milky Way, you usually think of doing it from a dark location away from light pollution. What if I told...
How to Remove Coma Aberration From Your Astro Images. Using Photoshop to Correct Coma in Post-Processing

How to Remove Coma Aberration From Your Astro Images

What is Coma Aberration? Before we start talking about how to remove or even avoid coma in your astrophotography images, lets first talk about coma aberration. It is an...
The Andromeda Galaxy loaded into Starry Sky Stacker.

Noise-Free Star Photos – a Starry Sky Stacker Review

Starry Sky Stacker Starry Sky Stacker, from the developers of Starry Landscape Stacker, is a Mac-only image stacking program that allows you to stack, or combine, images of deep-sky objects...
Milky Way Photography for Beginners - Part One

Milky Way Photography for Beginners – Research, Location Scouting and Apps

In Part Two, I cover the "In The Field" portion of a Milky Way adventure - from pre-trip items you should look at to prepping the camera before the...