Trona-Pinnacles - Stanley Harper

Chase The Milky Way!

IT STARTED IN NEW MEXICO On an August morning last year, I walked out of the front door of my house at about 11...
Thor's Rainbow, cropped. Copyright 2019 Kirk D. Keyes

Luxli Viola RGB LED Light Panel at Thor’s Well

Low-Level Lighting and Milky Way Photography with the help of the Luxli Viola RGB Light. I've long been a fan of light-painting photography. In...
Milky Way rising over the Huzzah Creek

Ten Essential Non-Photography Tips Before Heading out for a Milky Way Adventure.

You've watched all the videos on the PhotogAdventures YouTube page. You know what camera settings and gear you need to capture your Milky Way image. Your camera...

Tidbits From The National Park Service

Created on August 25, 1916, The National Park Service oversees 61 national parks in the United States. I would imagine most of us are familiar with...
Google Maps is helpful in not only figuring out drive times, but also getting a virtual "feel" for the terrain.

The Traveling Photographer – First Stop: Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville's Main Street Bridge, officially the John T. Alsop Jr. Bridge. Recently I've become a traveling photographer. For the past nine years I...
Tips For Using Google Maps for Milky Way Photography

Google Maps Tips for Milky Way Photography

Conducting research is a prime task when it comes to photography. Milky Way photography and other genres require us to spend anywhere from a few minutes...
Moon Window of Opportunity | Milky Way Wednesday every week @7pm MT Milky Way Wednesday.

Monday Motivation – Moon Window of Opportunity

Basic Milky Way photography is pretty simple. Sure, some things that go into the process such as location, weather, and moon research. Overall though, once you have...
Future Proof Your Milky Way Photos - Dean Vinson

Future Proof Your Milky Way Photos

My biggest regret in my astrophotography journey is not taking more photos. I’m always looking through my old images thinking, “I wish I would have done this...

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The Milky Way Wants to Know! MilkyWayPhotographers Reader Survey 11/01/2019

Survey Says!

In our ever-present pursuit of being the best website on Milky Way and night photography, MilkyWayPhotographers has come up with a short...
IRIX Edge Light Pollution Filter

IRIX Edge Light Pollution Filter Review

The IRIX 95mm Edge Light Pollution Filter costs about USD 179.00, which is a lot of money for a specific purpose filter. (It's also available in 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm diameters.) While no filter can remove all light pollution, I wanted to see if this light pollution filter could help with my Milky Way photography.