Thursday, September 28, 2023
SpaceX Dragon Human Launch 2020

SpaceX Launch from American Soil was a Huge Success!

With today's SpaceX launch, SpaceX and NASA have successfully completed the PINNACLE MOMENT of what was imagined long ago at the onset of the Commercial Crew Program. Launching astronauts...

The Facebook Group for Milky Way Photographers

Thanks to all that took our survey! Your opinions were very insightful and will help guide the future of One of the recurring suggestions was to create a...

Who Owns The Moon? Everyone and No One.

We live in a time when virtually every country and private industries have some designs on the Moon. The era of space tourism seems like it is just around...
Featured Image, Top Milky Way Photography Tricks That Aren’t Tricks! Photo Credit: MaryBeth Kiczenski

Top Milky Way Photography Tricks That Aren’t Tricks!

Inspiration strikes from the weirdest places. One night I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when a targeted ad for Michigan pops up. The ad featured two images:...

SpaceX Starlink Satellite ‘Train’ Offers Rare Photographic Opportunity in our Night Sky right now!

This Satellite Train won't last forever, so get out there fast! After SpaceX deployed the first 60-working satellites for their Starlink Satellite Communication system, Astrophotographer Dr. Marco Langbroek captured this...
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Milky Way Fakery – Art or Just Fake?

We don't usually post to other news sites, but PetaPixel recently published an interesting article about a photographer that augmented the Milky Way by cloning large sections of the...
The Wreck of the Peter Iredale, Warrenton, Oregon.

Writers Wanted!

You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say. Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Notebook E: Epigrams, Wisecracks, and Jokes, edited... Home Page

Nature First

Since today is Earth Day, I thought it was appropriate to discuss our part on how to make the Earth a better place for all of us to live....

Tidbits From The National Park Service

Created on August 25, 1916, The National Park Service oversees 61 national parks in the United States. I would imagine most of us are familiar with a few...
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Monday Motivation – Alyn Wallace’s YouTube Channel

Every week, I am going to bring to you nuggets of Milky Way photography information that I find from around the web. These nuggets can include YouTube channels...