Alan Dyer

Monday Motivation: Alan Dyer / Amazing Sky

Alan Dyer is a name that's probably familiar to people that have been interested in astrophotography for more than ten years. Alan is the author of numerous...
Moon Window of Opportunity | Milky Way Wednesday every week @7pm MT Milky Way Wednesday.

Monday Motivation – Moon Window of Opportunity

Basic Milky Way photography is pretty simple. Sure, some things that go into the process such as location, weather, and moon research. Overall though, once you have...
Atmospheric refraction distorts the Sun's disk when it is low to the horizon. The unevenness of the distortion is due to variations in the atmosphere. Photo Credit : Brocken Inaglory (, „Green flash 121007“,

Sunrise, Sunset – When Exactly Is It?

As a Milky Way or landscape photographer, you quickly realize that the Sun (or Moon or Milky Way) rise time is highly dependent on where you are....
Appulse of Venus and the Moon. A simulated view of the Moon as it passes Venus. They will be and amazingly close 0° 05’ apart. This view is how the Moon and Venus should look with a 500 mm lens on a full Frame camera from Sydney, Australia at 4:37 AM on February 1st, 2019. Graphic courtesy: Stellarium Developers

Close Approach of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon – Jan 29th to Feb....

Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon in the morning hours of January 31, 2019, as seen from Chicago, Illinois. This graphic simulates the view with a 200...
Total Lunar Eclipse, 20 January 2019

Post Your Total Lunar Eclipse Photos!

I've been seeing so many amazing Total Lunar Eclipse photographs around the webs, that I thought I'd open up our site to posting them here! I know...
How to Photograph the Total Lunar Eclipse - A Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon. Photographed on 9 October 2014 with a 1260mm lens. Photo Credit: ©2018 Kirk D. Keyes

How to Photograph the Total Lunar Eclipse

Photos of an eclipsed Moon are very distinctive, and they can be very rewarding to capture. But shooting an eclipse, even a lunar eclipse, can be a...

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IRIX Edge Light Pollution Filter

IRIX Edge Light Pollution Filter Review

The IRIX 95mm Edge Light Pollution Filter costs about USD 179.00, which is a lot of money for a specific purpose filter. (It's also available in 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm diameters.) While no filter can remove all light pollution, I wanted to see if this light pollution filter could help with my Milky Way photography.