Monday, May 29, 2023
Matt Quinn shows how to set up and polar align a star tracker.

How to use a Star Tracker

How to use a Star Tracker: Setup and Polar Alignment In the following video by Dark Skies with Matt Quinn, he walks us through how to set up and polar...
How to Photograph the Total Lunar Eclipse - A Total Lunar Eclipse of the Moon. Photographed on 9 October 2014 with a 1260mm lens. Photo Credit: ©2018 Kirk D. Keyes

How to Photograph the Total Lunar Eclipse

Photos of an eclipsed Moon are very distinctive, and they can be very rewarding to capture. The next opportunity to capture one is May 26, 2021. But shooting an...
Starry Landscape Stacker Version 1.7

What’s new in Starry Landscape Stacker Version 1.7

Starry Landscape Stacker is a popular, Mac only, program that allows you to stack landscape images that include a starry night sky to reduce noise and enhance detail. It...

How to Earn Your Milky Way Photography Achievements & Rank Up!

We are super excited to offer Milky Way Achievement Points as a way to let others know that you are a dedicated Milky Way Photographer. We've assembled a range...
Chasing Lady Aurora - Lady Aurora dancing over Lake Superior in Michigan. 1/4/19

Chasing Lady Aurora

The Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights have captured the imaginations of us mere mortals since the beginning of time. There is something mythical and magical about...
Future Proof Your Milky Way Photos - Dean Vinson

Future Proof Your Milky Way Photos

My biggest regret in my astrophotography journey is not taking more photos. I’m always looking through my old images thinking, “I wish I would have done this or that.”...

Earthrise – A View of Our Home from the Moon

As I write this, it's Christmas Eve, 2018 - the 50th anniversary of the famous "Earthrise" photograph taken by Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders. It was the first photograph...
Gateway to Astronaut Photography

Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

It's probably not hard to guess that readers of this site love space. Especially photography of space. I know I do. Well I just ran across an awesome site...
Orion, Hunter of the Winter Sky

Orion the Hunter – King of the Winter Sky

Orion is one of the easier to recognizable and noticeable constellations. It is perhaps the most splendid of all constellations, befitting a venerated character from ancient times. Named for...
The Summer Triangle connects the stars Deneb, Vega, and Altair. Star Field courtesy of

The Summer Triangle

Learning about the Summer Sky When out shooting the Moon or Milky Way, make sure you take a little time to look around and see the rest of the night...