Sunday, September 24, 2023

Stanley Harper

Stanley Harper is an experienced writer and photographer based in Guymon, Oklahoma. Originally from the western reaches of the Oklahoma Panhandle, Stanley cut his teeth photographing the Milky Way in those same Bortle 1 skies. Creator of the “Chase The Milky Way” Stanley now works on finding unique locations throughout The American West for photographing the Milky Way. Stanley has written for Improve Photography, Pentax Forums and Offroad Xtreme. Stanley is also the creator, owner, writer, photographer and floor sweep at the enthusiast website Offroad Performance Network. You can also visit Stanley’s personal website Photography by Stanley Harper

Top Safety Tips For Night and Milky Way Photography

Checklists make preparing for our night photography trips easier. But you may not have one for safety items. Here are my Top Safety Tips...

Milky Way Photography Printing 101

Printing your Milky Way photography will be one of the most self-gratifying things a photographer can do. Seeing one’s work go from pixels to...

Photography Group Moderators – Stop Being a Scrooge!

You have just spent all night outside photographing the Milky Way. Then you catch a few hours of sleep and then sit down at...

Chasing The Milky Way in Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park is an overlooked destination for Milky Way photography. Living in the San Joaquin Valley of California can pose challenges for...

Exploring the Night Skies of Alabama Hills and Bristlecone Pines

Alabama Hills. That what my August Milky Way trip was all about. I have a list of places that I need to go to....

Lifetime Cooler 55 Quart Review

In 2019, I picked up a 55-quart Lifetime Cooler from the destroyer of consumer hopes and dreams, Walmart. After a year, I guess it's...

Chase The Milky Way – The Return to Hume Lake

My Milky Way photography can be summed up in this quote: "Photography is a journey that is much more than just creating images. It is...

My Experience with the 2020 Shoot and Share Contest

Awhile back, I authored a piece about photography contests. I discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly of such events. I wrote about...

Memory Cards: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Hello, Milky Way Photographer readers! Today's Tuesday Tip of the Week is brought to us by MWP Staff Writer Stanley Harper. Enjoy! When I...

What’s In My Camera Bag #1 – Milky Way Photographers Edition

Photography is a personal pursuit. Over time, every photographer assembles a kit that suits their style of photography. "What's in my camera bag," is...