Sunday, December 4, 2022

Rhonda Pierce

Adventurer, Milky Way photographer, and photo educator, I am often found roaming the back roads of New Mexico. You can find me at or on Instagram @ rhondapierce67

What’s In My Camera Bag #2 – Milky Way Edition

Photography is a personal pursuit. Over time, every photographer assembles a kit that suits their style of photography. "What's in my camera bag," is...

Selecting the Best Camera Bag

The debate over which is the best camera bag is almost as old as which is the best camera brand. There is no easy answer to "Which is the best camera bag?" The answer is, "That depends..."

Ten Essential Non-Photography Tips Before Heading out for a Milky Way...

You've watched all the videos on the PhotogAdventures YouTube page. You know what camera settings and gear you need to capture your Milky Way...