Monday, May 29, 2023

Dean Vinson

Hey, I'm Dean! I'm a family man with a full-time job and a passion for landscape and astrophotography. A weekend photography warrior who rarely sleeps during a new moon. Constantly seeking the next adventure and where it might take me. Always wondering about the curiosity of space and what answers might be out there.

How to Capture the Milky Way in Heavy Light Pollution

How is this possible? When you think of photographing the Milky Way, you usually think of doing it from a dark location away from light...

How to Remove Coma Aberration From Your Astro Images

What is Coma Aberration? Before we start talking about how to remove or even avoid coma in your astrophotography images, lets first talk about...

Noise-Free Star Photos – a Starry Sky Stacker Review

Starry Sky Stacker Starry Sky Stacker, from the developers of Starry Landscape Stacker, is a Mac-only image stacking program that allows you to stack, or...

Perfect Focus with a Bahtinov Mask!

What is a Bahtinov Mask? A Bahtinov mask is a device used to help focus telescopes but can also be used to achieve focus on...

How to use a Star Tracker

How to use a Star Tracker: Setup and Polar Alignment In the following video by Dark Skies with Matt Quinn, he walks us through how...

What’s new in Starry Landscape Stacker Version 1.7

Starry Landscape Stacker is a popular, Mac only, program that allows you to stack landscape images that include a starry night sky to reduce...

Future Proof Your Milky Way Photos

My biggest regret in my astrophotography journey is not taking more photos. I’m always looking through my old images thinking, “I wish I would...