World-renown night photographer, Royce Bair, has a new YouTube series on nightscape photography titled, “Your Photo Vision.”

Royce is also the person behind the Nightscaper Conference, and in his new series, he interviews photographers and discusses how they discovered their artistic strengths and honed their craft.

Of course, we think it sounds like an excellent idea, but when we found out that our own team member, MaryBeth Kiczenski, was the inaugural interview, we were super excited!

An interview with nightscape photographer MaryBeth Kiczenski

Royce and MaryBeth begin by finding out how MaryBeth went from photographing race cars to shooting the Milky Way. (MaryBeth works as an automotive product specialist at trade shows and is a drag racer as well.) They then discuss MaryBeth’s love of shooting in the night skies, traveling, star trackers, and chasing the aurora. MaryBeth is located in the Chicago, IL, area and often drives hours to get to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to capture the aurora as well as the Milky Way.

Royce and MaryBeth then review several of her nightscape photos. They look at many photographs that she took at Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, the Canadian Rockies, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula. She discusses some of her tracking and aurora photography techniques and also look at how Marybeth has photographed the Milky Way in some severely light-polluted skies.

They cover her ventures and experiences of shooting everything from the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan to towns on the Oregon Coast and on to some of the darkest of skies in Southern Utah.

You can also learn why MaryBeth uses the name “shelbydiamondstar” for many of her social media accounts!

Your Photo Vision

We’re looking forward to who Royce has next on “Your Photo Vision.”

You see more of Marybeth and Royce’s work at the links below:

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