Thanks to all that took our survey! Your opinions were very insightful and will help guide the future of One of the recurring suggestions was to create a Facebook Group to go along with our website. So here it, start the fanfare, the Facebook Group.

It’s a private and moderated group, so you’ll need admitting. There’s just a couple of questions for you to answer, but it shouldn’t take long – and it’s well worth it. It’s a super supportive group – there are no giant egos that think they run the place.

When you get to the Group, make a post, and introduce yourself. Let everyone know you joined via MilkyWayPhotographers. I’ll be sure to say “Hi” to you!

If you’re not into Facebook (and we understand that), make sure you also check out our new, where you can share your night photos with our MilkyWayPhotographers community. Check it out and see you there!