Milky Way Photographers "f/1.4 and be there" T-Shirt
Milky Way Photographers “f/1.4 and be there!” T-shirt on a virtual male model.
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Are you looking for the perfect t-shirt to wear when you’re out shooting the Milky Way? Have you been trying to look as good in full daylight as you do under a Bortle 2 sky? Need a shirt that tells all your friends that you love to photograph the night sky, but you were afraid to let them know? Maybe a shirt that alludes to a bit of sage, timeless photographic wisdom? Want to help support MilkyWayPhotographers?

Well, now you can have all those things. With our MilkyWayPhotographers t-shirt and clothing available at

Our Milky Way Photography T-Shirt

This Milky Way photography t-shirt has a graphic of the Milky Way Galaxy with a convenient arrow pointing to the Earth’s approximate location. So everyone knows where you are, right? Below that, it says, “f/2.8 and be there!” Yes, it’s a reference to that classic photography saying. Above the image of the Milky Way is our amazing, yet tasteful, MilkyWayPhotographers logo.

And for those that like to shoot with faster lenses, the phrase “f/1.4 and be there!” is an option.

Milky Way Photographers f/2.8 and be there! Available at
f/2.8 and be there, baby!

Made from 100% ringspun cotton, the shirts are soft and comfy. Double-stitched on the neckline and sleeves to add more durability. Pre-shrunk with shoulder-to-shoulder taping, they are quarter-turned when shipped to avoid a crease down the center. Sizes range from Small to XXXL and come in Black, Navy, Smoke, Heather Dark Grey, or Lake Blue. Prices range from $17.50 to $23.00 depending on size and style. These shirts are sure to be your favorite Milky Way Photographers t-shirt!

This shirt is so comfortable you may not want to take it off when you get home after a long night capturing the sky and take your post Milky Way photography nap.

Photog Adventures Swag

Milky Way Photographers f/1.4 and be there! Available at
Milky Way Photographers “f/1.4 and be there!” t-shirt.

Want some other cool photography items? Be sure you check out the “Don’t Clone Me Out, Bro!” and “I’d Take My Lens Cap Off For That!” t-shirts at the merchandise store.

In addition to T-shirts, you can find long-sleeve T-shirts, knit beanies (or tuques for our friends in the Great White North), with or without pompom, caps, and hooded sweatshirts with the Photog Adventures “Iris” or text logo are available.

This shirt may make you look so good, that you’ll want to go out in the daytime with it on!

Support MilkyWayPhotographers

Check out the other fine Milky Way Photographers merchandise below. Each item is available in a variety of colors. And your purchase helps support

If you’d like to help us more, you can join our Patreon. We’ll actually send you a MWP t-shirt when you support us at the $15/mo. Dark Skies Tier after six months.

Milky Way Photography Hoodies

Milky Way Photographers Logo Unisex Hoodie
Check out our stylish logo on the Milky Way Photographers Logo Unisex Hoodie
Milky Way Photographers "f/2.8 and be there" Unisex Hoodie
As the seasons change, you’ll want to wear our Milky Way Photographers “f/2.8 and be there” Unisex Hoodie.

Milky Way Photography Hat and Cap

Milky Way Photographers Cap with Logo
Looking for a way to keep your hair from falling in front of your face when focusing on the night sky, try our Milky Way Photographers Cap with Logo.
Milky Way Photographers Cuffed Beanie with Logo
For those colder nights, you’ll want our Milky Way Photographers Cuffed Beanie with Logo.

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