July has been a busy month for all of us, and it’s taken a little bit of time, but we are happy to announce the second winner in our “Chase The Milky Way” Bag Giveaway sponsored by MindShift.

“Chase The Milky Way” was a concept created by MWP staff writer Stanley Harper. The idea behind “Chase The Milky Way” is simple. It is to urge people to step out away from the city lights and immerse themselves in the night sky and the beauty it offers.

The first “Chase The Milky Way” trip Stanley took was to Arizona and Utah. You can read about that trip here. Although Stanley has not written the article yet, he has made Trip #2, which kept him local as he went into King’s Canyon National Park and visited Hume Lake. You can look forward to that article pretty soon. Trip #3 is right around the corner, and again, Stanley plans to stay somewhat local. At this time, he doesn’t know if he will head to the coast or back into the Sierra near his home. The next bag giveaway will be in conjunction with Trip #3 and will feature the MindShift BackLight 18L. There is one more trip and giveaway after that, which we hope will be somewhat unique, so stay tuned folks.

To announce the winner of the second MindShift BackLight backpack giveaway, here is a short video with that announcement:

And the MindShift Backlight Backpack winner is…

So Mark, if you can contact us directly with your shipping address, we will get your bag to you.

Stanley Harper


  1. Appreciation post: I picked up a large box at the post office Saturday evening, and to my delight it was the camera gear backpack that I’d won earlier this month. A hearty thanks to the folks at Milkywayphotographers.com and Photogadventures.com this backpack is top notch. I quickly shifted my camera gear over and put it to use Monday evening as I climbed a nearby Mesa to take pictures of the Milky Way and the concurrent meteor showers. I’d recommend the “Backlight 26L Backpack” from Mindshift to every photographer that packs a lot of gear around. The waistline buckle and the buckle that keeps the straps together across the chest, along with the sectional storage area worked exceptionally well as I climbed, and I had everything that I needed for a successful shoot plus snacks and enough water for the night. Thanks again for this awesome backpack!! ???? — with Stanley Harper.

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