Our buddies at Photog Adventures recorded this presentation by Clarence Spencer at the 2019 Nightscaper Conference. In it, Clarence discusses everything you ever wanted to know about Astro-Modded Cameras, IR Filter Removal, and H-Alpha. You can get better reds, bring out more color out of your nebulae, and better photograph low-contrast deep sky objects! You’ll be able to bring out detail in your core without using a high ISO. You can get the most out of your Astrophotography by using an astro-modded camera.

Clarence Spencer | Spencer’s Camera

Clarence covers Full Spectrum, Infra-red, and Visible+Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha or Hα) Filter modified cameras. He also discusses the benefits of each of these modifications. He talks about all the options for both Astrophotography and Landscape Photography. Clarence also points out that the Full Spectrum conversion lets your camera capture more light than a non-converted camera.

Clarence Spencer told us the unexpectedly favorite modification offered at Spencer’s Camera & Photo is the removal of the AA filter! I think everyone in the room thought even more about astro-modded cameras when we saw what happens by removing the AA filter! Go to 42:42 and let us know what you think!

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