I’m sure you’ve all been wondering who won our “Chase the Milky Way” Mindshift BackLight bag giveaway. Drum roll please – and the winner is:

Jeff LaSante of Texas

Jeff’s entry “I want to chase the Milky Way in Big Bend National Park! Backlight 36L Would be awesome!” was randomly chosen. While he initially was interested in the 36L BackLight bag, Jeff ultimately decided to pick the Elite BackLight 45L. Jeff told us, “I love how the waist belt is removable, and the top pouch comes off on the 45 to make it more travel-friendly.” We’re certain Jeff will enjoy his new Mindshift Elite Backlight 45L backpack.

Thank You

We want to give a big “Thank You” to everyone who entered. Please take a moment and link to us on your social media account. Let your friends know just how much you enjoy this web site! Help us spread the word.

Giveaway Round Two

We’ll announce the second round of this contest shortly, so be sure to check back at MilkyWayPhotographers.com. The entry period will only be open for a short period, so check back often, so you don’t miss out!

Mindshift BackLight Bags

To learn more about the Mindshift BackLight line of bags, visit MindShift to read more about them. This giveaway series initially included four backpacks, the 18L, the 26L, the 36L, and the Elite 45L versions. One of the remaining bags, the 18L, 26L, and the 36L, will be up for grabs to the next lucky winner.

Stanley Harper, who created this giveaway series, uses a FirstLight 40L backpack from MindShift and loves it. It holds everything he needs for chasing the Milky Way, and he enjoys that they are very high-quality bags.

The Mindshift BackLight Elite 45L bag was won in the first round of our giveaway. But the other three backpacks will be up for grabs in the next round.

Chase The Milky Way

Our thanks go to Stanley Harper for putting together this giveaway. His goal behind the “Chase the Milky Way” giveaway is to inspire people to get out and immerse themselves in the beauty of the night sky. Stanley plans to use these giveaways to bring a greater understanding of how light pollution plays a part in what we see in the night sky. Along the way, Stanley has photographed the Milky Way at both new locations and revisit personally important areas. He’s imposed a limit that all the places are within a day’s drive from Stanley’s home.

This adventure was born out of a day adventure Stanley made in 2018 with a group of friends that landed them on top of a New Mexico mesa photographing the Milky Way.

Kirk Keyes


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